Roku Players

Roku players LT, 1 and 2 connect to your TV with either composite or HDMI cables. No matter how old your TV is, you can probably find a Roku that will connect to it. If your TV doesn’t have HDMI inputs, get the Roku 1.


With over 1,000 Roku channels available, there’s a huge selection of content. The Roku has Netflix and Hulu channels for $9.99 and $7.99 per month which is a much better deal than anything from a television service provider.

All Rokus have built-in wireless but the Roku 3 also has an ethernet port. The Roku 3 has the fastest processor and the ability to play MP4 videos and MP3 audio files through the USB port. The instant replay button replays the last 7 seconds of video and pressing the replay button repeatedly lets you to go back in 7 second increments.

The headphone jack on the remote is a nice feature if you like to watch TV late at night.